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Once you have chosen a date and destination for your treatment,here is what to do and how:

Check Hospital Accreditation: If you are looking into a treatment that requires hospital care, check to see whether the center is NABH/ JCI-accredited. While JCI accreditation is not essential, it is an important new benchmark and the only official American seal of approval for international hospitals and clinics. Learning that your treatment center is JCI-approved lends a comfort to your research process, and the remainder of your searching and checking need not be as rigorous. That said, many excellent hospitals abroad, although not JCI-approved, have received local accreditation at the same standards as American-approved treatment centers.

Learn About Success Rates: Established hospitals freely publish their "success rates" or "morbidity rates." These are usually calculated as a ratio of successful operations to overall number of operations performed. For larger surgeries (such as cardiovascular and orthopedic), success rates of 98+ percent are on par with those found in the US. For the more common surgeries, you should further investigate any rates under 98 percent.

Learn About Number of Surgeries: Most large hospitals will happily furnish information on numbers of surgeries performed. You will rest easier on your outbound flight knowing that your destination hospital has performed large numbers of procedures with high success rates.

Also a good hospital should be able to answer following questions.

How many required unplanned follow-up treatment ?

What happens if something goes wrong ?

How will you ascertain if iam fit enough to fly ( where applicable ) ?

If I need routine post-operative care back in my home country, where will this take place and who will arrange and pay for it ?


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