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Jeev India medical tourism is incorporated keeping in mind the emergence of web-based medical tourism facilitators (MTFs), which have added a new dimension to the phenomenon of cross-border travel.

With globalization, the world has shrunk even as the healthcare industry has grown. The consequent integration of world economies has had a considerable impact on health trade.

Medical tourism involves patients travelling from their home country to a foreign country where they must make arrangements for their treatment and stay. Jeev India medical tourism believes in transparent practices so that there is relationship of trust between our customers. We believe great majority of medical travelers fall into three categories:

  • Value patients travel from developed nations where health care is expensive and health insurance coverage is limited.
  • Access patients are from places where the availability and quality of health care services are limited. Many of these patients originate from countries with less developed health care systems that are unable to meet the rapidly rising demands of their newly affluent populations.
  • Quality patients are traveling to find exceptional specialty careďż˝the latest therapy or innovative treatment protocol, the most respected physicians, the best outcomes, the plushest experience. Quality patients are frequently seeking critical care and are not as limited by cost considerations as other medical travelers.

Globalization of health care has resulted in a dramatic rise in international quality standards, which offers reassurance to medical travelers. Today India has 25 JCI www.wordhospitalsearch.org and 311 NABH http://nabh.co/frmViewAccreditedHosp.aspx accredited hospitals in India .Greater access to information through the Internet allows patients to look beyond the traditional referral network, independently evaluate treatment options, and connect with previously inaccessible providers. To compete for these increasingly informed international patients, Jeev India medical tourism provides more transparent access to data on procedure volumes, success rates, accreditation, physician certifications, and comparative costs.


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